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I believe in servant leadership. I’ve practiced it my entire life. Whether as a captain on my little league football team or as the Assistant Chief of Staff of an organization with over 5,000 Soldiers and civilian employees, I strongly believe that successful leaders and businesses put their people and teammates first. 

I continue to serve in the U.S. military as a Colonel in the Army Reserves and in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Before joining the FBI 16 years ago, I served in leadership positions at The Home Depot; The Vestcor Companies, a multifamily real estate investment firm; and the now defunct telecommunications company, Nortel Networks.

Throughout my career I have served both as a leader and a teammate. I’ve experienced both good and bad leaders. I’ve been a part of very successful teams, and I’ve also experienced mediocre ones. In most cases, success depended on the quality of leadership. 

I've endured my fair share of obstacles along the way. I've been fortunate though, that a combination of supportive friends and mentors, hard work, perseverance, and determination allowed me to take advantage of opportunities to succeed. I'm who I am today because of those experiences, both good and bad. 

I also believe in lifelong learning, and I launched ‘Leadership Soup’ to share my experiences, capture notes and thoughts on leadership, highlight the best leadership books, provide quality content on leadership that is worth making time for, offer courses in leadership, and connect with others interested in building better organizations and better selves.

I love to hear from readers and others interested in becoming better leaders. So please feel free to reach me via my contact page or by email at 

Lastly, I earn a small commission for any sales from our Amazon and Blinkist affiliate links. This helps me keep Leadership Soup a free site and a resource for leaders, entrepreneurs, and students. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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